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Explorer Ads

This advertisements with obligation to watch specified amount of subpages on advertised page. Key advantage of Explorer Ads to increasing number of users, search engine optimization, higher Alexa-Ranking etc. Viewing each subpage is 10 seconds. You can set until 5 subpages to watch. Read more about pricing here.

Package Price
1000 Clicks $2
1000 Clicks $3
1000 Clicks $4
1000 Clicks $6
1000 Clicks $8

Paid To Click Ads

Classical advertising with guaranteed time viewing.

Micro Ads
Package Price
20000 Clicks $10
10000 Clicks $5
4000 Clicks $2
1000 Clicks $1
Mini Ads
Package Price
2000 Clicks $2
Standard Ads
Package Price
1000 Clicks $2
Package Price
7 Days $20
30 Days $75
50 Days $100
150 Days $200
300 Days $300

AdGrid Ads

Your advertising Is integrated into exciting game. Guaranteed time viewing of 10 seconds.

Package Price
3000 Clicks $2
10000 Clicks $6

Banner Ads

This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into all our pages.

Package Price
25000 Impressions $1
100000 Impressions $3
500000 Impressions $10

Express Ads

Express Ads are advertisements with no timer so they are suitable to advertise all frame breaking sites or sites which won’t work in iframe like YouTube, Facebook etc. They work in the same way like PTC ads but they lack of timer.

Package Price
1000 Clicks $2
3000 Clicks $5

Login Ads

Login Ads are graphical advertisements operating in the same manner as the banner ads, with a difference that the Login Ads are displayed only in the ad box, showed while logging into the system.

Package Price
3 Days $1
7 Days $2
30 Days $6