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Hi, Clixmatic
thank you for being invited to your site. Golden level is good!
But what about the next activity?
I would like to upgrade to monthly Golden, but the investment of $6 looks unattractive, because of 8 guaranteed FIXED ADS Daily with $0,02 can give return of $4,80. So I will not earn nothing with my daily work with Ads views. Even more, I should pay for it
Sorry, but maybe next time, if something will changes.
Wish you become stronger.


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8 this is a guaranteed minimum of ads. And maybe 12, 15 or 20. For example right now it shows 10 Fixed. Moreover, membership gives you and other pleasant things to boost earnings.
Changes in prices are not expected.

Yet we have made motivational changes. Check it out now: https://clixmatic.net/memberships
Please follow the rules!
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