What is ClixMatic?

ClixMatic is a free online worldwide advertising center.


How does it work?

After signup you receive a personal dashboard to immediately begin participate in ClixMatic. There are several ways to participate in the ClixMatic:

  • As Member, you can earn simply by viewing advertisements, make tasks, play games, and more. Rented referrals can increase your daily income.
  • As Advertiser, you can get the target audience of loyal to advertisement ClixMatic's members. Geographic filter, anti-cheat system allowing reals clicks, details statistics.
  • As Promoter, you can promote ClixMatic to get commissions for each purchase and each viewing ads from invited members.
  • As Investor, you can participate in the development of the ClixMatic project to get free advertising and daily dividends. Shares are limited.

You can choose one way of participation in the ClixMatic or several ways. Most of our members with all ways at the same time.


What is referrals?

A referral is someone who works for you. If a referral clicks, then you make money with it. There are two types of referrals:

Direct referrals
These users registered using your username as their referrer. Show our banner online with a link to ClixMatic with your username on that link. You can find the banners with the links in your dashboard. When the visitor clicks that banner, he/she will be sent here. Then, all he/she has to do is register. We'll take care of the rest for you. Also you can invite friends from offline.

Rented referrals
You can rent other referrals that click for you. 


How much I earn from referrals?

Your earnings from referrals depends on your membership.
More info about Memberships


What is a Bots Pack?

Bots Pack include 5, 25, 50 and 500 rented referrals. Bots Pack are delivered with powerful tools of controls and automation with full detailed statistics.


What tools for rented referrals?

You can activate AutoPay to extend your referrals next payment date. On the first click each referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep for an extra day. This is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to keep your referrals. Also, you'll save 5%.
Important information! AutoPay extends the period of referral rental by one day, if the referral was active in that time. AutoPay, during its operation, tries to take resources from the Purchase Balance account, and if the user does not have sufficient funds, then the system tries to take the resources from the Account Balance. If this account also does not offer sufficient funds, AutoPay will not work.

You can recycle each referral any time you want to. If rented referral inactive or just clicks a few advertisements per day, for $0.06 you can replace with a new active rented referral.

If your rented referrals aren't active, then they will automatically replaced from system depending on your membership. It's free.

This is option of automatic renewal of referrals. While activating this option, the user chooses a number of days that must pass until referral expires, and period for which it will be extended. 
Example. Member has a single referral that expires in 30 days. Member activated AutoRenew option with the following settings: 30 days until expiration and extension for 60 days. In this case, while AutoRenew option is active (once per 24 hours), the referral will be extended by another 60 days, as when AutoRenew function was active the validity of referral reached AutoRenew days value. The cost of automatic extension is same as of manual mode (60 days - 4%; 120 days - 10%).


Can I top-up Purchases balance from Account balance?

 Yes. The minimum transfer amount is $0.5


What payouts processing time?

Payments will be processed within 1 business day(usually 4-12 hours) and up to 72 hours on holidays.


I have a question, but no answer here. What to do?

Contact Support and get an answer. You can also ask our experienced members at the forum.